I know what it's like to experience the frustration of having talent but not being able to make a living. For two decades, I hopped from one dead-end job to another, hoping that things would be different. But they weren't. Every time I got good at what I did, I got bored and moved on. Then something happened. I got help. I finally discovered what my problem was. Your issue isn't a lack of skill, but a lack of belief in your ability to succeed. That's why I've created this site; to help freelancers like you start experiencing success.


I offer a variety of services to help freelancers start or scale their business.
Creative Freelancer Bootcamp
A custom three-month, one-on-one experience designed to get you taking action to move your business forward.
Strategy Sessions
A one-time consultation to help you solve your biggest freelance challenges.
Q and A
Answers to your most pressing questions. Pay per question.

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Meet your newest freelancing cheerleader.
Sharon McElwee
Sharon McElwee

Head Coach

20-year-freelancing veteran who finally managed to claw her way out of poverty.

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